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Dell 4GB 2-Port Fibre Channel HBA - KN139

Dell 4GB 2-Port Fibre Channel HBA - KN139

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Streamlined installation and management, unrivaled scalability, and industry-leading virtualization support make
the single-channel Emulex LightPulse LPe11002 an ideal solution for enterprise and mixed-OS SAN environments.
With powerful management tools and broad platform support, they deliver maximum performance in the broadest
range of applications and environments.

Dell Emulex LightPulse technology features: Frame-level Multiplexing and out-of-order frame reassembly for max-
imum link utilization. End-to-end data protection with hardware parity, CRC, ECC and other advanced error check-
ing and correcting ensure that data is safe from corruption. Detailed real-time event logging and tracing enables
quick diagnosis of SAN problems. Universal Boot capability allows the appropriate boot environment to be auto-
matically selected for any given OS. Strong authentication between host and fabric is based on Fibre Channel
Security Protocol (FC-SP) Diffie-Helmann Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol (DH-CHAP).

Technical Specs

  • Product Type: Fibre Channel HBA
  • Interfaces / Channels: 2
  • Optics: Short wave lasers with LC type connector
  • Data Transfer Rate: 4Gb/s (4Gb/s, 2Gb/s or 1Gb/s FC Link speeds automatically detected)
  • Slot Type: PCI Express 1.0a
  • Standards Support: Fibre Channel class 2 and 3, FC-PH-3, FC-PI-2, FC-FS, FC-AL-2, FC-GS-4, FC-FLA, FC-SP, FC-PLDA, FC‑TAPE, FCP-2, and RFC 2625 (IP over FC)
  • Cable: 50/125μm, up to 150 meters at 4Gb/s 62.5/125μm, up to 70 meters at 4Gb/s
  • OS Support: Windows, Linux, NetWare, Solaris, VMware, HP‑UX

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